The Winding Lane

Down the winding country lane
There's a soft and gentle breeze;
The perfume from the hedgerows
Comes drifting through the trees.

Birds sing sweet melodies
Bringing calmness to my mind;
My grief is slowly healing;
My sorrows left behind.

This lane is very special
I walk here every day,
Holding on to memories
Of times now far away.

For here I find the peace
God promised from the start;
It's found in His creation
To heal each broken heart.

Copyright Marian Jones 2006

A Perfect Moment

Tonight I climbed a stairway
To a place of heavenly bliss,
Where angels sang in harmony,
As we shared a tender kiss.

We strolled through fields of flowers;
Sweet perfume filled the air.
An angel came towards us;
Sprinkled stardust in our hair.

As you held me in your arms
We were bathed in heavenly light.
A symphony was playing
To celebrate the night.

It was such a perfect moment,
Two souls in union once more,
Sharing our love in a dream,
Somewhere on a far distant shore.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

I Wish for You

I wish that I could take away
The pain that's in your heart,
I'd gladly help you ease it;
Help you make a brand new start.

I wish that I could give you
A soul that's filled with peace,
To make each day more brighter
Until your worries cease.

I'd gladly take your load
If I could see you smile again;
I hate to see you troubled,
Now you're facing so much pain.

Tonight instead of wishing
I'll say a special prayer
For God to hold you in His hand,
And keep you in His care.

And when the morning comes,
I'll wish just one more time,
That your faith has been restored,
By this little prayer of mine.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

Friends Forever

You'll be in my future
As you were in my past:
A friendship like ours
Was just meant to last.

We've shared special moments
Through all the years;
Days full of laughter,
Some full of tears.

Through good times and bad
You've always been there,
So thank you dear pal
For the friendship we share.

Copyright Marian Jones 2001


You are a special sister
With a heart so full of care,
The kindly things you do;
The love you always share.

You are generous with your time
When I need a helping hand;
If sometimes I'm neglectful,
You always understand.

We've had such happy times,
Shared many precious things;
Thoughts,dreams and desires,
Hopes on outstretched wings.

You've been my inspiration,
As the years have come and gone;
A gentle, devoted sister,
Whom I can depend upon.

As we grow old together
We get closer every year,
I thank God for you sister,
No other could be as dear.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

Sweet Baby Angel

Sweet little baby angel
With eyes that sparkle bright.
I know you watch my child,
As she quietly sleeps each night.

I sensed you there beside me,
At the moment of her birth.
I knew that God had sent you
To protect her here on earth.

If she wakens from her sleep
In the darkness of the night,
Whisper words of comfort;
Surround her with your light.

When her childhood days are over
And its time to leave her side,
I know she will remember you,
Sweet baby angel guide.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002

Autumn of our Lives

Though April days are long since past,
And summer's just a memory,
In the autumn of our lives
There is still just you and me.

The years have passed so swiftly;
The children flown the nest,
Yet our love has not diminished,
We still share the very best.

In my heart there is a yearning
Together we'll always be:
In the winter of our lives
And through all eternity.

Copyright Marian Jones 2002