The Hand

The hand outstretched and waiting
Is offered with love and born of care
The choice is ours for the taking
To grasp or leave it hanging there.

No matter how large the problem
Or how hopeless things appear
The hand outstretched and waiting
Shows the way ahead so clear.

Miracles are a regular occurrence
No problem ever too big or small
Take the hand outstretched and waiting
Trust in Him for He wont let you fall.

Copyright Helen Arno

E Mail

A Proud Father

T'would be joyous to view God
Holding a newborn in His heart,
Looking over fingers and toes,
As He checks out every part.

Work begins at the potter's wheel,
Fashioning him into a man;
Preparing against evil,
Giving him two legs to stand.

Redesigning the eyes to see,
Producing the ears that hear His words,
Redeeming souls to His beloved,
Making wings to soar like a bird.

The wonder of each creation
A proud Father must feel within,
To be watching His children grow
As into the image of Him.

Joyce Lock

Echoing Memories

Antiques, old things,
Whispers of the past;
Fashioned by true craftsmen,
So they will last and last.

Oak sheen, lacy things,
Wonderful old glass;
Evident pride and workmanship
In every cut and cast.

I wander, through these lovely things,
While memories crowd my mind
They are the treasures, of a lifetime,
That my family left behind.

Each loved one still is with me.
For, the memories never cease;
Of those dear, departed, loved ones
Who rest in blissful total peace.

Copyrighted 2001 by Chris T. Johnson

The Golden Ring

I think you are my angel
Sent from Heaven above,
You have shown me so much kindness
Your never ending love.

Vowing to always be there
Forever by my side,
Gently taking the extra step
To dry the tears I've cried.

Some of our years have been tested
But our faith has held us strong
Always there with a loving heart
When things in life go wrong.

If I had a chance to relive my days
I wish not to change a thing,
For it would be upon your hand
I'd place The Golden Ring.

Brenda Kay Conley

E Mail

Walk with Me

Come walk with me this morning
down a path that God prepared
Built with awe and beauty
a path for us to share.

The path is filled with goodness
pleasures for the eye
Floral colors around us
as the sun radiates from on high.

Fill your heart with pictures
Savor memories that you see.
Come walk with me this morning
through a wonderland that's free.

Mr. Doug

Used with permission
Thank you Mr. Doug.

A Willing Woman

Oh dear Father may I be
A willing woman, just for Thee;
Ready to serve, ready to do,
All that would make me pure and true.

Never, Lord, should I teach
But Christ, to others as I meet.
By example may you see
A willing woman found in me.

By Martha Duke Manley

Little Things

A summer's breeze, a smiling child,
A daffodil that's growing wild,
A deep orange sunset in the West;
Those little things, I love the best.

A still dark night with fireflies,
The laughter in my mother's eyes,
A multicolored rainbow's end ...
Are little things that count, my friend.

A fuzzy warm puppy (licking my face),
Kisses with hugs and a loving embrace,
Rain pouring down on a roof made of tin,
Sitting under a shade (with a soft gentle wind);

Those little things make life worth living.
Being kind to a stranger, caring and giving,
Laughing and sharing your hopes and your dreams;
There is nothing more precious than those little things.

2001 by Vickie Lambdin

E Mail

~~A Simple Gesture~~

He sits
eyes downward cast.
idly pushing an empty drink can
with his foot.
It may be a minute or an hour
he would not know,
for time means nothing,
as life now means nothing.

His pain
is but a moment in his life,
to heal and strengthen
would be an answer,
but he does not search
for his solution,
as time means nothing,
life means nothing.

Break his aimless reverie
and offer him a smile
or just a touch, a word
and then go on.
Perhaps he will recall
that moment
and acknowledge time.
Time means something.
Life is something.

Original Poem by Anne N Byam