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To My Granddaughter

What can I wish you, little one, to make your life worthwhile
A summer's day with butterflies, an Angel's gentle smile
A new-found friend to share your toys and fun-filled days galore
A birthday treat with funny clowns, balloons and so much more

A good night kiss to calm your fears when all your playtime's done
Tiny fingers clasped in prayer and morning's golden sun
Cows that moo and dolls that cry and teddy bears that speak
Candy Land and pick-up sticks and little balls that squeak
The ice cream truck's melodic chimes, enticing you with treats
Popsicles running down your cheeks, delicious sticky treats
A rainbow's magic colors to enchant you after rain
A puddle to reflect your face and make you laugh again

All this and my undying love to last you through the years
My wish I give you for all time, much laughter and few tears

A pocketful of colored dreams --sparkling clean and bright
Stars to shine when darkness comes to brighten up your night
Loved ones to surround you with cloaks of love and laughter
This special wish I give to you for now and ever after.

This poem was written for some very special children
--the Grandchildren who touch our lives and our hearts

All rights reserved~~Kacey

The Homecoming

As I look back on that September Day
At all of the grief, and the pain
I remember a candlelight vigil,
As they prayed and held hands in the rain.

I was in shock, as I watched on T.V.
Though I wasn't there, I was down on my knees.
Praying, and asking,"The Lord of Our Nation"
To heal all of their wounds, ease their pain, and frustration.

Lord, I know you said in your word, "To Forgive"
But sometimes, that is so hard to do.
When they've taken away all your hopes,and your dreams,
And the lives of those closest to you.

I know that their loved ones, you have taken on home.
And with your sweet angels they sing,
And I know someday soon, we will all get to join them
In A "Heavenly Homecoming," fit for a King.

John 14:18- I will not leave you" comfortless"
I will come to you.

In memory of all those who lost their lives
in the 9-11 tragedy: We all love, and miss you:

Blessings: Vickie Lambdin

Copyright 2002

E Mail

Thank you Vickie for allowing
me to use your beautiful poem.


A Thought to Think About

Flowers are very special
Beauty from God above
To give our hearts a picture
Of his everlasting love.

But then again he knew deep down
There would be times to heed
Therefore amongst the beauty
He planted the ill-sighted weed.

Oh we can have our beauty
But he gave us a choice indeed
"I give you the beauty for your heart"
But you must control the weed.

Copyright Mr. Doug 2002

God Made All Things

A million stars up in the skies;
God made them everyone.
He put the twinkle in their eyes,
And gave sunshine to the sun.

He painted the colors of the rainbow;
And gave raindrops to the rain,
He gave each flower it's own design,
, Then He gave each one a name.

He gave each bird a song to sing;
And He gave the moon it's golden ring,
Then, He gave Mother Nature birth,
To beautify, and cleanse the Earth.

He gave us Life, so we could live;
He sent forgiveness, to forgive.
He gave the morning, it's morning dew,
Then kissed the sky with shades of blue.

God made all things for us to treasure;
Then sent his love, beyond all measure,
So, when you look around you'll see;
"God made all things, for you, and me."

Copyright 7/18/2002 Vickie Lambdin

E Mail

I Testify

If I could only touch your heart,
If I could make you see,
If I could only help you try
To be all you can be.

If I could help you hear the voice
That comes from heavenís gates
And feel the love that flows from there,
And learn of Fatherís traits.

If I could help you know He lives
And know He loves you, too,
Then, I would be so blessed in life
To give these things to you.

He is the Master and our Lord
And He will always try
To bless our lives with His great love.
Of this, I testify.

© 2002 by James O'Brien

E Mail

Used with written permission

Storms Bring Rainbows

Storms bring rainbows:
they highlight spring,
darkness blankets the sky,
lightning divides the clouds,
and thunder reigns as King.

Ruin is all around.
Houses fall to the ground.
The mighty oaks are shredded.
Disaster is embedded.

But when the storms are over,
and our panic still is in high gear;
silence comes to still us;
The Masterís Painting, His Rainbow,
suddenly it appears.

The flowers reach to heaven.
The grass has a greener eye.
So like us when we are tested,
We are watched by The Masterís Eye.

Copyright Carol D. Meeks 2002


He's My Savior

Do you ever look at the moon so bright,
As we did in the days of old?
Yet our Lord gave us the perfect light,
When He sent His Son to save our soul.

Do you ever think of the valley so deep,
Where through the valley He lead us across?
Doing His Fathers' bidding,
All the way to that old rugged

Suffering for us, for we caused Him shame,
But wounded and bleeding on that old tree,
He won the victory, Satan and death He overcame,
As He went to His death for you and me.

One day the elements of the sky will shine no more,
Though we shan't be here to see,
For Jesus is coming to take us home,
And it's with our Savior we'll ever be.

Copyright ©2002 Pearlie Duncan Walker